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OVS x PIOMBO Fall/Winter 2023 Collection; A Stylish Journey Through Time

by E-com Ops 01 Oct 2023

A Symphony of Styles for Men, Women and Children

Dubai, UAE –  This October, OVS, Italy’s leading apparel fashion brand for men, women and children launches its PIOMBO in OVS Fall/Winter 2023 collection for men, women and children across the region. An elegant and timeless premium collection, designed by Massimo Piombo, one of the most well-regarded Italian fashion designers, known for his timeless and refined collections, the research in fabrics and his one-of-a-kind ability in combining colours.

Introducing an exciting surprise for men this season, Massimo Piombo, known for his avant-garde use of color, presents a new interpretation of "classic" centered around a palette of grays, whites, and beiges. These shades complement the collection's blue velvet pea coats, cable sweaters, flannel pants, camel coats, and twilled blazers, giving birth to a "premium" look suitable for offices and beyond. The collection includes "wear-anywhere" sheepskin, soft-shade sweaters, a variety of flannel and velvet shirts, work jackets, a cloth parka, Prince of Wales check and houndstooth coats in elegant gray-black or brown-camel, checkered patterns, and oversized shoes. Native American blanket styles inspire heritage patterns, and coordinated jackets, coats, and gilets create the epitome of sophistication in men's fashion.

For women, PIOMBO embraces the concept of timelessness, featuring a range of references and ideas perfectly suited for the upcoming season and further on. PIOMBO's designs are not just about fashion; they embody beauty, style, and an element of surprise. The collection begins with a dazzling "preview," offering a glimpse of new items designed for starry nights and special occasions, from summer to New Year's Eve. It boasts silver sequins, and long, shiny dresses with alluring necklines, perfect for beach gatherings or elegant soirées. The collection also presents a stunning array of coats, each exuding a touch of masculinity and elegance. From double-breasted cuts to egg-shaped and couture-inspired designs in red, black, and camel, these coats elevate any outfit, whether you're pairing with jeans or a slip dress.

The PIOMBO KIDS collection invites you to explore its FW23 collections, where style, comfort, and creativity converge to redefine children's fashion. The girls' collection features a captivating array of knitted cardigans, pique polo shirts, and long-sleeved tees in a delightful palette of light blue, blue, white, pale pink, and fuchsia. While the boys' collections commence with a stylish range of 100% cotton interlock long-sleeved tees and polo shirts, accompanied by knitted crew necks in vibrant colors like yellow, forest green, white, and classic blue. A subsequent bundle offers full-zip cotton cardigans and crew-neck cable knits, stripes, and solid colors in a wool and cashmere blend. As the season transitions to the holidays, its offerings include classic red, black, and white ensembles, along with festive sequin details for added flair.

Massimo Piombo, founder of PIOMBO said: “My stories are all about life reflected in chunky knits, blazers, jackets, coats, trousers. Items with bags of personality to interpret as you feel, using your own cultural references. It’s a collection that looks to the idea of beauty, taking Europe, and its northern isles, France, and Ireland as its references. A journey through time, with Byzantine details and modern research into materials and solutions. Looking for a new aesthetic that adds to life’s charm, making it easier too, with pieces you can wear on a whole range of occasions. It’s an alternative, purely sensual vision of style.”

The PIOMBO in OVS Fall/Winter 2023 collection is a masterful fusion of modernity and Byzantine aesthetics, offering a versatile range, from children's fashion to sophisticated men's and women's styles. Massimo Piombo's vision for a new aesthetic that enhances life's charm and style is evident throughout. Whether it's elegance for special occasions or daily wear, this collection offers something for everyone, highlighting the power of creativity and innovation in fashion.

The PIOMBO in OVS FW23 collection is currently available to shop at the OVS stores across the region.

For more information visit the website:
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