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OVS is Italy's leading group in the clothing market, creating, developing and marketing menswear, womenswear and childrenswear under the OVS.

The OVS brand was created as part of the Coin Group in 1972. As the network expanded, it has successfully developed great mutual trust with customers, achieving brand awareness on the Italian market equal to 97% in 2013 (source: Doxa).  

The Group’s business model is typical of vertically-integrated retailers and involves the following activities: product development entrusted to a team of product managers, designers and merchandisers who – by relying on a group structure that is highly specialised in sourcing and has a major presence in key geographical areas – designs, develops and creates the merchandise mix through external suppliers, under the artistic guidance of fashion coordinators and under the organisational leadership of category managers. OVS S.p.A. operates through its own sales network throughout the national territory, with stores of different sizes and different management methods (directly-owned or franchised stores).

The Group is also the Italian market leader in children's clothing and has received the "Retailer of the Year" award in the last four years for certain product categories.

Liwa Stores is a official partner of OVS in the GCC region.